Scratch Match-play Madness

Presented by Principal Financial Group

Principal Financial Group


Friday, JULY 14 - SUNDAY, JULY 16, 2023

Entries open to all bowlers, including youth.  Some squads may be restricted due to lane availability. 

CALL (505) 891-4462 TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT. 

$80 Entry fee; re-entries ONLY $50.  Bowl 6 games (3 x 2) to qualify.  Top 16 bowl double-elimination 1-game matches.  Lose twice before you're out. 

Finals start at 2pm on SUNDAY, JULY 16.  Winner gets $1000 GUARANTEED.*    *(See rule 6 below)  Entry Forms available at the front desk.


 Rules & Regulations:

1. ELIGIBILITY: All bowlers may enter. However, the Tournament Director reserves the right to refuse entry to any bowler.

2. GENERAL RULES: The tournament will be conducted in accordance with general playing rules and regulations of the USBC. The Center official however reserves the right to make all decisions.       

3. GENERAL CONDITIONS: All qualifying games must be bowled over two lanes, unless only one lane is available due to breakdown. This tournament will be bowled on the REGULAR HOUSE SHOT.

4. LANE BREAKDOWN: Should it be necessary and able to move due to a lane breakdown, scores will be transferred. Two practice balls will be allowed on each of the new lanes per 10-mlnute delay. Minimum 2 balls, maximum 4 balls will be allowed.

5. FORMAT: Qualifying will be held in three 2-game sets at Tenpins & More in Rio Rancho on FRIDAY, JULY AT 3:30PM, and SATURDAY, JULY 15 at 1pm, and SUNDAY, JULY 16 AT 9AM & 11:30am. Entries will be accepted through the last squad, providing lanes are available.

6. ENTRY FEE: Entry fee per qualifying attempt is $80. Re-entry charge is $50. Lineage fee for 6 games is $21 with the remainder applied to prize-money and the $224 finals lineage fee on JULY 16.  There are no expense fees charged.  Event sponsors, Principal Financial Group and Tenpins & More will add at least $750 to the pay-off, with $1,000 guaranteed to the winner, regardless the number of entries, unless voted lower by a majority of the 16 finalists

7. BOWLER'S RESPONSIBILITY: It is the bowler's sole responsibility to return their own qualifying recap to the front desk, no later than five (5) minutes after the last ball has been thrown in that squad. Any and all score sheets not returned in that time-frame will be considered invalid, and the bowler will effectively disqualify themselves.

8. FINALS: The top 16 scorers return by 2 pm on SUNDAY, JULY 16 when they bowl 1­-game matches, in winner's and loser's brackets, until they lose twice and are eliminated.

9. TIES: If a tie occurs for 16th place all bowlers involved bowl one game then if necessary a one-ball roll-off until the issue is decided. It is the bowler's sole responsibility to know if they are required for a tie-breaker. If a tie occurs in any 1-game match, a 9th/10th frame roll-off will decide the outcome. In all instances, the bowler on the left lane bowls first.

10. PRIZE-LIST: First place pays $1,000 with added money down to 12th place or lower, depending on total entries received.

11. EMERGENCIES: Premature termination of the tournament due to war, national or local emergency, or causes related to fire, natural disaster or any other reason beyond the control of Tenpins & More shall cause, to the extent thereby required, all advertised ­prizes, guaranteed or otherwise, to be pro-rated in accordance with the number of entrants who have already bowled in the event up to the time of such termination.

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