Bowling. . .  a Game for ALL Ages!

Family fun at Tenpins & More!Today, across America, more than 1.3 million people from all walks of life, all ages, shapes and sizes will travel to one of the country’s 5,800 Bowling Centers to enjoy taking part in the healthy physical activity of bowling.  The thrill of a strike, the joy of making a spare and the fun of being with family, friends and associates are parts of the attraction that Bowling has had for generations.

Remember, this game can be highly competitive through leagues and tournaments – another reason for its long-time popularity.



I have never bowled before, so how do I learn?
Call first, or just come along to the Center and tell our staff and they will be glad to help get you started.

Do I need to bring anything?
A pair of socks. We rent special bowling shoes that allow you to slide as you release the ball. The Center has a large supply of bowling balls, at least one of which will comfortably fit your hand.

How is my game scored?
Our Center has computerized scoring. All you do is bowl. We also have how-to-score hand-outs that let you understand how you scored what you did.

How many people usually bowl together? What about work groups?
Typically, people bowl with three to six on a single lane. Groups often have two lanes or more, depending on the number bowling. You will sometimes see people bowling alone - they’re probably practicing (at a cheaper rate) to try and bowl higher scores in their leagues and tournaments.

Do I have to join a league?
No, if you just want to bowl for fun and relaxation. If, however, the bowling bug bites, you will definitely want to join a league. We are creating new leagues all the time here at Tenpins & More @ Rio Rancho. In fact, we are always seeking new people to fill the team rosters.

Do you take lane reservations?
We take phone and fax reservations. We do all we can to have you bowl at the requested time. All we ask is that your group be here at least FIFTEEN minutes early to ensure you have shoes and ball ready to go. For larger groups, we will request a credit card for pre-payment.

What questions will you ask when I make a reservation?
Other than day, date and time, we need to know how many people are bowling and how many games each want to play. (Most people go for three games, as the price is cheaper).

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